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Our Counseling and Coaching Services

Family Health 360 is a Christ-centered Christian Counseling ministry that is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual health of the entire family. It is our belief that the family is only as functional as its least functional member. We believe that no individual member can be solely responsible for a breakdown in the family’s equilibrium. As such, we do not believe it is possible for any individual member to be unaffected by disturbances in the family's relational environment.

Counseling Programs


Marriage / Family Coaching


Generally, you will here us refer to this area of our ministry as Family Coaching. The ideas is that the entire family is always affected each other's difficulties. Family coaching is a bit different than counseling in that it is more casual and is intended to help you get through rough patches. It is the type of program that you can participate in when life changes seem to be creating strain on any of your family's relationships. Things that may effect  the relational balance of your family can include the any life change such as: military reacclimatization or impending deployment, job loss, promotion, relocation, child leaving the nest, change in child's behavior, loss of passion, disagreement issues, church affiliation change, or any other situation that creates arguments, disagreement, or mild anxiety. Family Mentoring is the step you take to avoid reaching the place where marriage/family counseling is necessary.


Biblical Marriage / Family Counseling


Biblical Family Counseling is more similar to what you would expect from  conventional Family Counseling. However, we take the time to consider your damaged relationships through a Biblical model of love. We are not the people to call if you have made up your mind to divorce; we only work with families who truly wish to save their family. Family counseling intends to work with your whole family to bring it back to a place of mutual cooperation and stability. These meetings always begin in an office or church setting and last no more than 10 weeks. When complete, we recommend you develop a family mentoring relationship with a certified marriage mentoring couple.


Individual Grief Counseling


Although it is widely accepted that grief relates to the experiences of the bereaved, we believe individuals who are divorced against their will, have lost a valued friendship, have recently experienced a child marring or leaving the nest for one reason or another, or have a family member who left the family's faith may suffer from  grief. We operate under the belief that grief is a condition that has a cause and an ending. Our objective is to see you to a point in your grief where you are able to see that end. Although you may grieve for a period of longer that five weeks, these sessions are generally held in private and last for no more than 5 weeks.


Individual General Christian Counseling


Sometimes we discover that there are experiences or conditions that hold us back from  unconditionally relating to God,  willingly trusting others, and believing in ourselves. It is never our intention to give serious attention to your past, except to identify its current hold on you. Our objective is to help you move past those things that hold you back, so you can become the person the Lord made you to be. Generally, you would move through this type of program in no more than 10 weeks, then transition your care into a short-term life coaching program to help you get a good start moving forward into the rest of your life.


Focused Life-Coaching Programs


Life-Coaching is much different from counseling. Where counseling and life coaching both require the client to do the work, life-coaching requires even more client-assertiveness than does conventional counseling. Christian life-coaches serve as guides and seek to help their clients improve their competence, increase their commitment, and develop confidence. Family Health 360 often transitions counseling clients into coaching to help them move forward after they have successfully met their counseling goals.


Post Rehab Life Coaching


Family Health 360 is committed to helping those who have completed rehab continue on to a successful life. We assume that the negative triggers the client previously experienced are in check and the client ready to move forward and become the person the Lord always planed on them becoming. Coaching is not intended to be an extension of any addiction recovery program. It is intended to be an independent next-step program to kick start a new life.


2C1 Family Blending Project


2C1 is a program dedicated to helping two families come together as one blended family. We realize how difficult it is to get every person involved in the blending process to see things from every other member's perspective. 2C1 is here to help your entire family, resident and non-resident, develop as a fully focused, intentional, and effective family system. This is a Christian life coaching process that intends to develop the whole parenting team into one that is stable, permanent, and effective. We are fully committed to the idea that 2 families who seek Christ can togather become one solid family (2+C=1)


Cooperation is the key to a good start, so our team helps every member of your new blended family develop a cooperative lifestyle that considers the needs of the family from a Christian perspective. We know how difficult it is to find people who will help you with your second chance at developing a solid Christian family. As such, we will work to provide you the tools you need to blend your family using the biblical tools that will give your family its best chance at survival.


Post Recovery Life Coaching


After recovering from those things that have held you back in life, it is time to get busy moving forward.  Family Health 360 is here for you, to help you get on with becoming the person the Lord always planed on you becoming. Now that you have learned to not allow your past to restrict your future, we want to help you push forward. This is usually possible in about five weeks and can be done in public (coffee house), your home, church, or our office.



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Family Health 360 is a not-for-profit Christian Counseling Ministry dedicated to serving families, individuals, missionaries, and associations from the perspective of relationships.

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